Wax Worm

Wax Worm Collaboration with Radovan Dranga.August 2020. The world of technology is starting to be more natural to us than living forms. The object is created from recycled cables. Talks about the power of nature and its ability to adapt to various adverse conditions caused by human intervention. Nature will prevail.


Kraken Collaboration with Radovan Dranga.May 2020. They prepared the work “Kraken”, which comes to life in a glass prism on the ground floor. It is made of cables and waste material and is meant to refer to a legendary sea creature. The authors offer a critical look at the current state of (not only) the […]


Glitch Collaboration with Debris Company. July 2019. Ľudstvo, ktoré svojim správaním narúša chod sveta a smeruje k rozkladu dejinného kozmu sa opäť nachádza pred poslednou možnosťou záchrany a nového usporiadania. Danteho Očistec a jeho Božská komédia ožívajú v alegorickej podobe projektu Debris Company – Glitch. Očistec nachádzajúci sa medzi peklom a rajom predstavuje aj v súčasnosti časovo ohraničené pozemské peklo, v ktorom […]

25 years of the SME journal

The SME Journal celebrated its 25th birthday in 2018. We created a simple stage design in the form of the letters SME25 that functioned as a 3Dmapping projection screen.

Video Mapping Contest LILLE/FR

Animation for Video mapping contest in Lille on the Porte de Paris 2017. Video is separate in two sides. On a left side is record from a camera and on a right side is a render from computer.

Vltava Live 2017

Audiovisual festival VLTAVA ŽIJE, ktorý v minulom roku navštívilo viac ako 35 tisíc divákov. Tento rok prvýkrát ponúkol tématické audiovizuálne predstavenia po celom centre juhočeskej metropole.

Levoča 500th anniversary

25 years of the SME journal Project description Altar of Majster Pavol, which is located in the Basilica of St. Jakub In 2017, he celebrated the 500th anniversary of his installation. The culmination of the celebration was the evening with the master in the basilica and 3D mapping in the square of Majster Pavol. Details […]

Zlatý Klinec 2017 After Movie

25 years of the SME journal Project description Zlatý klinec is the most important competition for the most creative advertising in Slovakia, which is organized every year since 1994. Details Client: Leopard ProductionDate: 26.05.2017, BratislavaMusic: Stroon https://youtu.be/YqjRDeDfYY0

FOL Berlin 2016

“Art and Nature” themed 3D mapping contest, on the occasion of the 12th Berlin Light Festival. It was a great honor to be selected among contestants from all over the world to final TOP 10.

LIR 2016/ Factory stage

LIR 2016/ Factory stage Project description Music festival on Czech Republic. Details Client: Let It RollDate: 28. – 30.07.2016, Milovice, Czech RepublicTechnical info: Animácie a VJing (LED mapping) / factory stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHOmBV4js_E 2-Let-It-Roll-2016-Akasha-visualstation LIR 2016/ Factory stage LIR 2016/ Factory stage LIR 2016/ Factory stage 4-Let-It-Roll-2016-Akasha-visualstation LIR 2016/ Factory stage LIR 2016/ Factory stage 7-Let-It-Roll-2016-Akasha-visualstation 8-Let-It-Roll-2016-Akasha-visualstation 9-Let-It-Roll-2016-Akasha-visualstation 10-Let-It-Roll-2016-Akasha-visualstation […]

Most SNP

Videomapping on the “Most SNP” bridge in Bratislava for Uniqa. The screening was supposed to warn viewers against possible natural disasters.