Kraken Collaboration with Radovan Dranga.May 2020. They prepared the work “Kraken”, which comes to life in a glass prism on the ground floor. It is made of cables and waste material and is meant to refer to a legendary sea creature. The authors offer a critical look at the current state of (not only) the […]

Terra Apathy

Terra Apathy Collaboration with Radovan Dranga.December 2021. Therra Apathy is a theater production directed by the Pôtoň Theatre. The scenography of cables, waste materials and ice strips underlines the theme of the ecological disaster in the village of Horné Opatovce.


Øuroboros Collaboration with Radovan Dranga.September 2021. Øuroboros is interpreted as a symbol of eternal renewal or cycle of life, death and rebirth. It symbolizes the cyclical nature of the universe: creation from destruction, life arising from death. We as humans also seem to follow this basic code of the universe. When we create and destroy. […]

Awaken Monsters

Awaken Monsters Collaboration with Radovan Dranga.August 2021. What was once a myth is becoming a reality: A world made up of the remnants of human technology, to which nature has adapted in order to survive. The monsters created from the waste and upcycled materials to becoming alive. Artists warn people of the unsettling but possible […]

Wax Worm

Wax Worm Collaboration with Radovan Dranga.August 2020. The world of technology is starting to be more natural to us than living forms. The object is created from recycled cables. Talks about the power of nature and its ability to adapt to various adverse conditions caused by human intervention. Nature will prevail.


Collaboration with Radovan Dranga.
August 2020.


Collaboration with Debris Company.
July 2019.