Collaboration with Debris Company.
July 2019.

Humanity, which by its behavior disrupts the course of the world and leads to the disintegration of the historical cosmos, is once again faced with the last possibility of salvation and a new arrangement.

Dante’s Purgatory and his Divine Comedy come to life in the allegorical form of the project Debris Company – Glitch. Purgatory, located between hell and paradise, also represents the temporally limited earthly hell in which our sinful souls reside.

This fragile and deviated intermediate space of the Earth’s equator – the Ring of Purgatorium, flanked on one side by Zion, a place of fun, beauty, and on the other by the abyss, the freezing Antarctica, where the damned disappear, represents the key point of deviation – love, ideas and order of the world.

The seven stops of man on the ring of purgatory correspond to the seven cardinal sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, hysteria, envy and pride. Before the gate to purgatory there is still a group of unsinned and cold ones. Those irreversibly damned – excommunicated fall into the island hell.

Dante’s sinful Glitch is a consequence of the deviation from love, which is the origin of all things. Through the deformation of love, evil and its various forms are born. It is the existence of purgatory that generously offers the last possibility to correct committed human mistakes and return to a pure form of love.

However, Project Glitch does not bring absolution between hell and heaven. On a metaphysical, absurd-grotesque path, it confronts the individual with the seven stops of man, enabling him to encounter himself and questioning at the same time.

The heart in the center travels along the equator that separates the northern and southern parts of humanity, beating continuously and waiting for its healing, which does not come, is not even visible.

Glitch is a movement-artistic essay about the current aimless wandering of mankind, a mirror of the mistakes of a person who constantly and cyclically finds himself in a vicious circle of sins.