Collaboration with Radovan Dranga.
September 2021.

Øuroboros is interpreted as a symbol of eternal renewal or cycle of life, death and rebirth. It symbolizes the cyclical nature of the universe: creation from destruction, life arising from death. We as humans also seem to follow this basic code of the universe. When we create and destroy. Nature will prevail. Immerse yourself. 

Height: 4 m | Length: 4m |  Depth: 4m | Weight: 1.7 t

Creators: Alex Zelina a Radovan Dranga 
Technical cooperation: Dioníz Troško 
Sound design: Adam Dekan
Light collaboration: LED strip studio 
Motor components: Samuel Fajnor
Consultations: Laco Sabo

Special thanks:
Mayor of Čáry: Martin Kralovič
Ľubomír Dranga
Matúš Theis
Viktor Kyselica

Financial support: Biela noc and Ondrejka family.

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